Looking for a Quick Loan Near Me for a Quick Fix

It seems like every month I find myself left with less and less money. My income stays the same, relatively speaking, but there always seems to be new places for my money to disappear to. New bills, new expenses and outgoings. Eating out, buying stuff I don’t need. I might as well save myself the trouble and just flush the stuff down the toilet.

I find it increasingly difficult to even keep track of my finances and there are days where my account is completely drained. In fact, the periods of me being broke seems to get longer and longer each month.

I look at that big, fat zero on my bank account statement and can’t help but feel nervous. I feel anxious worrying about some big unseen event happening and me having to shell out the big bucks, only to have no money, big or small, whatsoever to deal with it.

Murphy’s law states that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Which brings me to today.

My boiler busted. There’s water everywhere and I’m doing my utmost to keep my damn home from submerging. A task that, unfortunately, I seem to be failing.

I’ve had insurance that covers boiler repair/replacement for the past 10 years or so… except for the last two months. So now I’m stuck with a broken boiler and no insurance to deal with it. Which means that I am going to have to pay to fix it. But with what money?

Frankly, I’ve been panicking. A lot. I have close to zero dollars left in my bank account and payday is over a week away. Obviously, I can’t just leave it until then. So I’ve been looking online (Here)  and cruising around town looking for loan companies near me that can help me out of my predicament.

Apart from my boiler, there’s a ton of other stuff that needs fixing around the house and if I can get a reasonable sized loan, I’ll finally have enough money to deal with the bulk of it. With some of the quotes and estimates I’ve been getting, I should be able to afford the repayments as long as I get my finances in order.

Getting a loan is just a short term fix for a slew of problems, but going through my income and outgoings will be the bigger help. Making sure that until I’m making more money, I’m not indulging myself in any luxuries or unnecessary costs. Only the bare, spartan minimum until my finances are back firmly in the black.