Wife Found an awesome nail salon near us

Alright, first off you might be thinking: “What in the world does this have to do about rabbit breeding”? Absolutely nothing! This post isn’t even actually even by me, but my wife. This is our blog after all.

I am a stickler for perfection. I like to be at my best appearance at all times. You can never find my makeup out of place. Therefore, when I find out about new nail salons near me, I’m always tempted to give it a shot. People always say that the first impression is usually the last one. In my case, it was true. The first look at the nail salon was an alluring one by all respects.

P.S I out about this salon on salonscompare.com. You can find a salon near you here: www.salonscompare.com/nail-salons-near-me/

The hygiene of the place and the courteousness of the staff impressed me. If they can impress me, I must say that they are an efficient lot. The range of cosmetics on display was a pleasing sight. The shelf had all my favourite cosmetics. This made me approach the staff and book an appointment. They were gracious enough to grant me one the same evening.

I should say that the two hours I spent at the nail salon in the evening was a sort of a revelation to me as far as manicure and pedicure is concerned. The session started with a beautiful warm water massage for the hands and the feet. It was an exhilarating feeling. The best part of the procedure was that they used innovative therapies to scrape put the dead skin. One such therapy was using the services of fishes to nibble away at the dead skin. It was a nerve-ticking experience to see the fish nibble away gleefully at my feet. The session lasted for not more than a quarter of an hour. My feet felt extremely light and fresh after providing ample food for the fish.

The girls had deft hands. They seemed to have tremendous experience in handling the nail cutting machines. I had never had a better experience of a manicure earlier in my life. It surprised me that I did not know about this salon earlier. They made me choose the best nail polish. I was lucky to find my favourite shade of red. The level of professionalism was impressive.

The best part of it all was the bill. The staff presented me with a nominal bill and offered a discount that I can avail when I use their services for the second time. This is an impressive marketing strategy. I decided not only to have a repeat treatment after a fortnight but also went on to introduce a couple of my friends. In short, I conclude that it was a wonderful experience.