Buying a used car in Toronto

New to Me

I have always been a believer in buying second hand. I can’t even begin to tell you how many awesome things I’ve found in secondhand stores I get compliments on all the time. I found an awesome set of coffee mugs at a flea market, a beautiful vase at a thrift store, and a really unique silver locket at an estate sale.

It shouldn’t be a surprise, then, that I am a diehard lover of used cars. They just make so much sense. Buying and finding one was super easy, too. The internet makes everything possible, right? I knew exactly what I wanted and when it came time to find one, it wasn’t hard. The dealer was fair and honest and It was just a great experience.

Anyway, I hosted a little get together at my apartment a few weeks ago. Just me and 3 friends. I made a light dinner and some dessert and we drank a few bottles of wine and had a great time. They gave me so many compliments on the stuff around my house: the mismatched but insanely adorable dessert plates I used, the large beaded bracelet I wore, the framed rooster sketch I have in my kitchen. Each one elicited so many “oohs” and “ahhs” and even a “Where did you get that?” When I told them that they were all used items I’d found, again, nothing but compliments.

As the evening went on, the conversation turned to cars. It’s not something that we talk about a lot but one of my friends has just bought a brand new car and was regretting a bit. Her budget took a little more of a hit than she’d anticipated because her car insurance went up so much.

“Did you think about getting a used car? That’s what I always do.” They all looked at me like I had 3 heads. Then the excuses: you can’t trust a used car salesmen, they’ll take advantage of you, how can you drive something someone else sat in? That last one really made me laugh because we were literally all sitting on a chair or sofa that I’d gotten at an estate sale.

I don’t know why these stereotypes exist about used cars. Used cars in Toronto are awesome. And besides, it’s still a new car to me. They’re economical and I find that they usually have more character. Oh before I forget I found my car here:

After buying my car I started looking for car insurance. Surprisingly this was harder than finding the car! Anyway I settled on some very cheap car insurance no deposit from a company I found here: I talked about no deposit car insurance here if you’re interested in knowing more.