Very cheap car insurance no deposit – I’ve wasted my youth

Guys. I’m in mourning. This month is the last month that I will be blessed with very cheap car insurance no deposit.

I have to wave goodbye to all of the hard work I’ve done.

As of May, I will be leaving the UK, and all of the years of no claims I’ve built up, to head to the other side of the Atlantic. Where they don’t care that I’ve been driving around for 10 whole years with no serious incidents to speak of. And I will have to start again. Paying the insurance of a brand new driver.

Honestly. I don’t know why I bothered trying to be safe for all this time. If I’d known this would happen I could have had a lot more fun on the roads.

‘Oh. Look, it’s my ex-boyfriends car parked over there. I’ll just casually reverse into that. Oops. The wing mirrors aren’t important anyway right?’

‘My boss has just had his driveway redone? It would probably cost him a lot of money to fix it up again if something happened to it. Wouldn’t it be a shame if someone just drove right over his flower beds?’ (I’m not actually sure if that would do anything to my no claims, I just think it would be satisfying).

‘Hmmm, that guy has parked in my parking spot again. I guess he won’t mind if I just gently reverse into his car at all.’

I could have practised stunt driving without any cares in the world. I could have saved a lot of time looking for parking spaces in like well-lit areas with CCTV at night. I could have tried drag racing.

I feel like I wasted my youth trying to keep my insurance premiums down. I really needn’t have bothered. Now I gotta go compare insurance to see who has the cheapest auto insurance. Like is great..