Who has the cheapest auto insurance? Full coverage if possible.

Not rabbit related, but nearly as important if I want to keep my wife happy. I’m looking for some cheap full coverage car insurance, I found this: http://www.autoinsurancemonkey.com/how-to-get-cheap-full-coverage-auto-insurance/ 

Was helpful, but didn’t have any info for my state unfortunately. I like in Alaska, so it’s kinda off a unique state in a sense. Definitely feels like it’s own country, especially with it comes to dealing with the outside world.

So if anyone knows of any decent cheap full coverage auto insurance please let me know. I already know prices isn’t everything. I expect to pay a lot since I live in Alaska, but I’d like a company to at least have some decent customer service. Like not making me wait 20 minutes on the phone to deal with an actual human being. They don’t even have to be a competent human being, just a real living breathing person will do!

Honestly can’t believe how bad customer service has gotten lately. That even asking to talk to a human has become impossible. Anyway I digress.

If you know any decent insurance companies please let me know. Also if you want some tips on how to get cheap auto insurance check this out: http://www.autoinsurancemonkey.com/who-has-the-cheapest-auto-insurance/