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                         2015 ARBA Convention
                              Portland, Oregon       
   Open Best of Breed:  Gary & Phyllis Glisan (6/8 Doe)
   Open Best Opposite Sex: Scott/ Kevin Rudolph (Jr Buck)
Senior Bucks(7)   6/8 Buck (7)      Junior Bucks(11)    Senior Does(5)    6/8 Does (9)     Junior Does (9)

 1. The Glisans       1.Jim Miller         1.Scott/ Kevin        1. The Glisans       1.Glisan               1. Scott/ Kevin
 2. R.Campbell        2.Annie Wilson   2.Alan/ Kendal      2.Annie Wilson       2.Jim Miller          2.Alan/ Kendal
3.Annie Wilson      3.Jim Miller         3.Scott/ Kevin        3.R. Campbell        3.Scott/ Kevin      3. Scott/ Kevin
 4.Natasha Semb   4.Scott/ Kevin      4.Annie Wilson      4.Annie Wilson       4. The Glisan's    4. Scott/ Kevin
 5.The Wolfe's        5.Scott/ Kevin      5.Scott/ Kevin        5.The Glisan's        5.Scott/ Kevin      5. Wolfe's

  Youth Best of Breed: Adam Bates (Jr Buck)
  Youth Best Opposite Sex: Bethany Hobson (6/8 Doe)
Senior Bucks(2)    6/8 Bucks(2)         Junior Bucks(2)  Senior Does (3)    6/8 Does(1)       Junior Does((2)

1.Bethany Hobson  1.Jordan Miner        1.Adam Bates  1.Bethany Hobson  1.Bethany Hobson  1.Adam Bates
2.Bethany Hobson  2.Bethany Hobson  2  DQ                2.Jordan Miner        2.                            2.
3.                             3.                             3.                     3.DQ                        3.  
4.                             4.                             4.                     4.
5.                                                             5.

                                  2014 ARBA National Convention

        Open Best of Breed & best Opposite Breed / Best Open Fur
                               Travis & Carma West

         Youth Best of Breed:    Youth Best Opposite of Breed/ best Fur:
                 JoAnn Grum                         Bethany Hobson
(and picture taker)



        The history of the Creme D'Argent rabbit is surrounded in antiquity. It, like many of its counterparts, is not a true original genus of the rabbit family. The Flemish Giant, Dutch, Rhinelander, etc. date so far back into the past than recorded manufactured breeds as in most that we know today. The Creme D'Argent originated in France, as did its counterpart--the Champagne D'Argent. The primary difference is the color. The creme made its appearance in this country in 1926 and since then has attracted quite a following, having many admirers because of their luxurious colored fur. The name Creme D'Argent, is French meaning the silver of 'creme silver,' referring to the animal's magnificent color. It is, however, highly unlikely that the D'Argent, as we know it today, is a type product of France entirely.

        One of the breeds brought into Western Europe was the Silver who is the fore bearer of our Creme D'Argent today. The practice of cross-breeding the Silver with local domesticated breeds became quite popular. With the silver factor being a dominant gene, a silvered product was produced of which became the ancestors of the present day Creme. It was in the Champagne districts of France that French rabbit breeders developed the D'Argent rabbit, later naming these D'Argents, Champagne D'Argents. It is generally believed that the Creme is the production of cross-breeding the Silver with the fawn Flemish Giant or Belgian Hare. Both of these breeds became popular through Western Europe, even though it was the British that later refined them.

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